Who We Are

Making the impossible, possible, every day

Our Mission

To create functional art that inspires our users to imagine fearlessly, by creating original pieces that invoke awe and inspiration.


Our Vision

We want to contribute to a world where the mundane can be magical. Each of our pieces take the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Our Methodology

Extreme Engineering

Each design has been created to be an experience that engages the senses. The result is high quality, high design focal point furniture.

High Tech Manufacturing

We utilize the latest manufacturing technology deliver the highest quality product without production or delivery compromise.

Handfitted Components

All pieces are individually crafted and assembled by hand with extreme attention to detail.

Possible Materials

Development Hours

Stage Approval Process

Years of Experience

Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

Founding Artisan

Justin Wilson, former director of operations for a Denver-based aerospace company,  brings a stong background in manufacturing engineering, design, and supply chain management to the team.

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